Where did you learn about adding international travel to your education?

Who taught you about adding international travel to your education?

[Insert crickets chirping]

For the majority of students in the USA, no one has ever taught them about how to add travel to their education. We are busy teaching the “core subjects,” and after 17+ years (K-12 and undergraduate) of formal schooling, there is never any mention of how to take an area of study and integrate it into exploring the world.

What is lacking in the USA is education about study abroad and other travel options?

The Study Abroad Academy was created for just this reason. Students, teachers, parents, and administrators can use the site to learn about basic travel options, who to contact, where to look for scholarships, and how to find funding.

Launched in October 2010, the Study Abroad Academy will expand in 2011 to include sections on High School and Independent Travel, as well as stories from individuals who have found and experienced amazing travel options.

What if every US high school and college student graduated understanding how to build travel into the rest of their lives? Would it change our society for the better?

That’s what the Study Abroad Academy is all about!